About Us

Unrivaled Entrepreneurial Platform

 Jen Speed Solutions is not only in the automotive industry to sell auto parts to car enthusiast, we do consultation on each of our clients to educate each and everyone what is their goal, how come they are purchasing the product they decide to purchase. We offer unique and innovative services in the automotive industry to ensure our customers can make the best of their Investments. We take pride in understanding our partners and clients as business owners; in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Jen Speed Solutions on board is on the market to assist multiple industries niches such as, automotive industry, consultation regarding knowledge to help other automotive owners have access to products, tools and know how to thrive in their business. 

Unrivaled Beginnings

The owners were car enthusiast from the Philippines. Life living in a third world country is was difficult, picking leaves from he bas yard and that served dinner for them. The evolution of life changing is when they migrated in the United States and joined and served the United States Army. Thank you with the help of Staff Sergeant Palomino, Harry. United States Army developed their leadership skills, entrepreneur skills, sales and marketing, management, and most importantly discipline and customer service. Arlan Quisido graduated as Magna Cum Laude with 2 bachelors degree and Non-destructive Testing Level II, Lean Six Sigma under his belt and completed his education within 3 years. Jenica Quisido is still serving in the United States chasing her dream to become an officer while running the company; Jen Speed Solutions. With all the hard-work that has been put into the company they were able to partner with the major brands in the whole United States, 50 states with million and billion net worth companies.