Accel Ford 2004-Early 2008 3-Valve Tune Up Kit

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If you own a vehicle 15 years old or newer odds are it doesn't have a distributor or, in some cases, ignition wires. In the old days the parts required for a tune-up consisted of points, condenser, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and a set of spark plug wires. Although most of today's vehicles can go many more miles between tune-ups than before they still need to have their ignition systems serviced from time to time. If performance is at the top of your list then step up to ACCEL's Late Model Tune-Up Kits with HP Copper Core spark plugs and COP High Performance Boots for 2 & 3 valve modular Ford engines or HP Copper Core spark plugs and a set of LS Ceramic booted plug wires for you GM folks!