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Ford Focus RS - Carbon Thermoplastic Front Splitter

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Front splitters are very effective at producing front end downforce without increasing drag significantly. They do this by creating a large pressure delta between the top and bottom surfaces of the splitter. The Verus Engineering Composite Front Splitter for the Focus RS is no different. Our unit is constructed solely from a durable, lightweight, carbon thermoplastic which is mounted to hardpoints on the chassis through two splitter ties and various bumper mounting locations. This allows the unit to handle the high downforce loads. The material used, which is also utilized in various forms of Motorsports, is not brittle so it will not crack and it will also not bend under the vehicle like sheet aluminum units.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to extract more performance for the given build volume; increasing downforce generated from the front splitter.

During the design process; we utilized in-house scan data. This resulted in a product that features a near OEM fit and finish.

This front splitter was designed for owners looking to combat front end lift, thus increasing front-end downforce and gaining extra traction at high speeds.