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In some cases, mounting a fuel pressure gauge or pressure transducer directly to the fuel rail is not possible due to confined space around the fuel rail, or the fuel gauge would not be easily visible. In these cases it is ideal to remote mount the pressure gauge or transducer.
This kit contains all the necessary parts to remote mount a gauge or transducer for testing fuel pressure. The kit works with any fuel rail or pressure regulator that has a 1/8NPT female port.
The kit also contains a Schrader valve that can be used for pressure testing, bleeding air out of the line, fuel sampling, or relieving fuel pressure before service.

This kit can be used as single-use tool, or it can be left on the vehicle as a permanent component.

The Kit Contains:
1x 16" High Pressure PTFE 3AN Hose
1x 1/8NPT to 3AN Male Adapter, 90 degree
1x 1/8NPT to 3AN Male Adapter, Straight
1x 1/8NPT 3-way Tee Fitting, Female
1x 1/8NPT Schrader valve with cap
**Always use PTFE tape or paste on NPT threads**