HKS Oil Cooler Kit Honda Civic Type R 2017-2019

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Two types of kits are available with R Type kits: filter relocation type and S Type: sandwich type which is held at the oil filter.

Oil Temperature Controlled by Thermostat

HKS Oil Coolers use high performance cooling cores; so there is the possibility of overcooling which is prevented by the use of a thermostat (some vehicles excluded). This thermostat has high response and able to react quickly to change of oil temperature. Once oil temperature reaches the set level, the oil will flow through the cooler core but bypasses when temperatures drop lower. This allows engine oil to be maintained at the ideal temperature.

* Thermostat Opening Temperature 70 (±3)

* Thermostat Full Open Temperature 80 (±3)

Thermostat relief feature allows for safe operation in times of emergency

In cases where the core or lines become blocked and the oil pressure rises, the thermostat will bypass the core to maintain the correct oil pressure and prevent damage to the oil lines and fittings

Stainless braided hoses chosen for increasing durability

Hose lengths and fitting types are tailored to each vehicle application to ensure easy and tidy fitting while preventing connection errors.

R-Type Oil Cooler Kit

HKS Oil Cooler R Type can relocate the location of an oil filter so the oil filter replacement can be easily done. As remarkable difference from the others, thermostat is activated by temperature of the oil flow out of the engine, that allows engine oil to be maintained at the ideal temperature. This thermostat has high response and relief feature which activates when differential pressure exceeds 200kPa (2.0kgf/cm2).

[ Oil Temperature Meter: Oil Pressure Gauge Installation Hole ]

Adaptor Thermo: M12×P1.25 (1hole) , PT1/8 (1hole)