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Although 2JZ-GTE engine is durable, as it has been years since the end of the production, it is the time for overhauling for a lot of these engines.
They may not require stroker kit but it is a good opportunity to upgrade with the forged piston kit.

Newly designed Forged Piston Kit for 2JZ-GTE.
It has recess that is applicable for VVT-i engines. (It is also applicable for HKS V CAM.)
The new design has not flat top but concave shape like other ordinary turbo pistons with valve recess for VVT-i.
Compression ratio can be set for latest high compression turbos: 8.8 (t=1.2), 8.5 (t=1.6), 8.3 (t=2.0).
Piston skirt portion has "Ober coating" for initial smooth braking-in and reduction of friction.
It has been tested on a engine bench at 600PS/8000rpm.

Although this product can be used with stock crankshaft and connecting rod, upgrading items may be required for some engines.
Boring and horning of cylinders are required as this item is 1.0mm over size piston.